New State Bills Could Affect the Pro-Beauty Industry

The Professional Beauty Association's Government Affairs team has identified the latest in state legislation affecting the professional-beauty industry nationwide. From rules and regulations for natural-haircare schools to expedited application processing for individuals whose spouses are on active duty in the armed forces, 14 state bills could affect pro beauty—some for the worse, some for the better—in 2013 so far.

Here are five being tracked by the PBA:

License review: INDIANA S.B. 520 Sponsor: Sen. Randy Head (R)—Legislature would review all licenses in the state. The bill creates the Eliminate, Reduce And Streamline Employee Regulation (ERASER) committee to study professional licensing in Indiana; provides that the office of management and budget staffs the committee; repeals the regulated occupations evaluation committee; and creates a five-year cycle for sunsetting professional licenses, registrations and certifications.

Unnecessary licenses eliminated: CONNECTICUT S.B. 324 Sponsor: Sen. Joe Markley (R)—Provides relief to individuals and small businesses by eliminating unnecessary regulatory burdens; and requires the commissioner of consumer protection to undertake a study of all occupational licenses and recommend elimination of licenses that are not necessary to protect the public health or safety.

Expedited applications: MISSISSIPPI H.B. 30 Sponsor: Rep. Sam Mims (R)—Directs the state board of cosmetology to expedite application processing for cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists and wig-specialists licenses for spouses of individuals serving on active duty in the armed forces and stationed in Mississippi.

1-year requirement elimination: NEW HAMPSHIRE H.B. 376 
Sponsor: Rep. Carol M. McGuire (R)—Removes the requirement that barbers, cosmetologists, manicurists and estheticians have one year of experience prior to being granted a shop license, and removes the requirement for a separate license for booths attached to or within a salon or barbershop.

Natural-hair rules/regulations: TENNESSEE H.B. 39 Sponsor: Rep. Antonio “Shay” Parkinson (D)—Gives the state board authority to establish rules and regulations for the creation of a natural-haircare school.

For the PBA’s expanded summary list, check out the PBA Government Affairs Update Jan. 25 post.

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