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Antiaging skin care

When viewed together, more skincare consumer data released last week sent a clear message once again to beauty retailers: Help American women battle aging and you'll prosper.

According to recent research by Mintel, 37% of women in the United States have used antiaging creams and serums on their faces. That compares to 26% of women in Spain, 25% in Germany, 24% in France and 23% in the United Kingdom.

As for at-home antiaging skincare devices, the research indicates that there’s a lot more opportunity for beauty retailers: Only 4% of women in the United States say they’ve used one. However, 35% report that while they haven’t used such a device, they’re open to give it a try.

There’s more good news in the research for beauty retailers too: Women seem more interested in at-home treatments than visiting a beauty professional. Forty percent of women in the United States report that they have used or would be interested in using an at-home antiaging treatment, compared to 32% who have visited or would visit a beauty professional for a noninvasive antiaging treatment.

“Technology is ingrained in our everyday lives—from smartphones to constant connection through social networks,” states Amy Ziegler, global personal-care analyst at Mintel Beauty & Personal Care. “Embracing technology in our beauty regimen seems like the next logical step.”

In fact, Ziegler presented at HBA Global Expo inside the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on June 19. Her topic? “Devices: The New Frontier for Skin Care and Personal Care.”

By the way, HBA Global Expo runs through June 21. Mintel is exhibiting there (booth 1631 at the Skincare Pavilion), where twice a day its beauty analysts are offering interactive product demonstrations that showcase the latest technology, active ingredients and positioning claims in antiaging mass-market and prestige skin care.

Marc Birenbaum

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