Peek-A-Tweeze Now Exclusive to Upper Canada Soap, Danielle Creations

Upper Canada Soap and sister company Danielle Creations now exclusively offer Peek-A-Tweeze—a tweezer on a keychain that's great for on-the-go use.

“We are pleased that Upper Canada Soap and Danielle Creations have acquired the exclusive patent on the Peek-A-Tweeze,” said Chantelle Tersigni, marketing director at Upper Canada Soap.

The Peek-A-Tweeze set includes a stainless-steel, precision-tip tweezer with a LED light and a 3X magnification mirror enclosed in a compact, soft-touch case on a hook keychain.

Danielle Creations is debuting its soft-touch case with vibrant pop-art graphics. The current Peek-A-Tweeze design has been released as part of the new 2012 Collection by Danielle Creations.

[Image courtesy of Upper Canada Soap/Danielle Creations]