Powder Room D Creates Wigs for the Uber Stylish

Darnell Wold is a master wig creator who grew his Instagram page into a prospering business called PowderRoomD.com. Wold’s work can be seen all over the Internet on some of the top social-media influencers, beauty bloggers and celebrities.

What is it like being a business owner?
Being a business owner has taught me valuable lessons. As an owner, I have to make sure that I put others ahead of myself; even if it means putting a stop to my day to track someones package or respond to an email inquiry. There are times, though, when it gets overwhelming (especially being a one-man show). But when I realize that I am doing what I love and that people actually support my brand, the satisfaction outweighs any trials I may have on this journey.

When you were growing up, what did you want to do?
Hair, hair and MORE hair. As a child growing up, I was always looking for a creative outlet; and I found I could be most creative with hair. Getting older, this outlet became a passion, and I enrolled in Aveda. It was here that I was able to learn from those who had been in the beauty industry, teaching me different techniques, hair care, even color. I knew I had finally found my niche.

What's one question you wish people would ask you but never do?
The amount of work that it takes to build a following. Becoming a success does not happen over night. It’s a process that takes a lot of dedication and, quite frankly, a lot of your energy. People tend to assume that social media is just a photo and a like, but fail to see all the work behind the upload button. I guess the question would be, “How hard did you have to work to build your following?”

How long does it take to create a wig?
One would actually be surprised at the intricacies that go into creating a wig. There are stages to each piece. The process of coloring is one stage, and that can take several hours; sewing is another and then styling. If I had to give an exact amount I wouldn’t be able to because each wig is unique in its structure and color, but I can tell you the longest wig took me around 10 days to make. It was a custom 40-inch wig that was colored in an array of blue hues.

Can you tell us about your business? How long has it been around?
PowderRoomD.com launched in July of 2015, but got its start on Instagram. I grew up in a time where social media was having to wait for your modem to dial; but now the Internet has evolved into a platform. With my first account dedicated to showcasing my work, I started to slowly build a following, which ultimately lead me to hear-and-now. After gaining success through @hairhegoes, I turned my focus to creating my brand, and it gave birth to PowderRoomD.com.

Who are some of the bigger names wearing your wigs?
I have had the wonderful pleasure of collaborating with and working on celebrities like Dascha Polanco, Kat Von D, Skai Jackson, Christina Milian, Lil' Kim and Adriana Lima.

How many stores carry your wigs? And do you want to get into more retailers?
We are primarily an online boutique. However, my brand has just been picked up in its first retail location at Pro Makeup Boutique in the Oasis Centre Mall, located in Dubai. I am definitely interested in expanding my brand and getting into more retailers around the globe.

What does this year hold for you and your company?
This year has been amazing and with the recent launch of my site, I am gearing up for more exciting things to come. I strive to be a company that gives back and is accessible to all and continue to find ways to bring my creative styles to clients/customers. I am happy to say that I am working on something very special. Keep on the lookout!

When did you create your first wig?
My first wig, ironically, was not intended for sale or even intended to be the beginning of a business. My first wig was made solely for the use of my mother. I wanted to make something for her because she was going on vacation. I realized that I was actually good at it, and three years later, I’m here answering questions for an interview. It sometimes feels surreal.

If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?
How could anyone just chose one person? I am inspired by so many people. I can pick and chose why I would work with someone for different reasons. I have always been drawn to people who are free spirits; not afraid to push creative boundaries; but if I had to absolutely chose: Lana Del Rey. Her sultry voice and cinematic style of song is hypnotic.

What inspires you?
Everyday life inspires me; as boring as that may sound. But we live in a world where everything is accessible. I can go online and see scenic places, a news report, a documentary, everything is a source of inspiration, if you look hard enough and are open to the beauty in this world.

What are your future goals?
I think success should be the foundation of charitable work. As I continue to build my brand, I do it with the view in mind to help. I always wanted to give back to people and hope to one day start a nonprofit organization.

With almost half-a-million IG followers between your accounts, how do you manage your social media?
Social media is like having a second job. It requires a lot of work, time and energy. It's the type of thing that will have you on your phone during family dinners, dates, even while you're at the movie theater; but having balance is key. It might not always be simple, but I remind myself that life is in constant motion and time doesn’t stop. If I don’t take a moment out of each day to be actively engaging in quality time with friends, family or even myself, I fear I will miss out on life. So, I choose to space my time out [in a way that allows me to] give attention to all aspects of it.

How has social media grown your brand?
I think of how life would be if there weren’t a social-media platform—thinking back at how I got my start. It still amazes me how connected people can be when they share a love for something. Because of social media, my brand was able to reach people I had no clue I could connect with. Dubai, Australia, Ireland—all these places were just a photo away. I attribute a big part of my growth to social media, but also remember that the person behind the brand is the one who has to tie it all together.

Is there anything you want to add?
We live in a world where there is so much going on. Every day there is a new trend, a new style to follow. As someone who thrives on creative freedom, I still want people to remember that the most creative thing is individualism. We were created to evolve, and people evolve in their own unique way. I want people to be happy with who they are.

You can follow Wold on Twitter: @powderroomd, and Instagram: IG: @hairhegoes & @powderroomd.

Check out some of Wold's creations below. For more, visit PowderRoomD.com

[Image courtesy of Darnell Wold]