Social-Media, Mobile Shopping Becoming the Norm, p.2

Smartphone shoppers are also avidly sharing their location with friends, family and retailers. In particular, 33% of smartphone owners say they have shared their location with retailers. And location-based services, such as Groupon Now!, FourSquare and Facebook, are effectively helping retailers instantly reach new and existing customers by targeting special offers, discounts and coupons to their mobile devices once they’ve “checked-in.”

“For retailers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enticing smartphone owners who may be within a few feet of their store or even already in the store, thanks to technology that lets shoppers who want to hear from retailers instantly interact with them,” said Jennifer Vlahavas, senior director at comScore. "And while check-in and store-location functionality are already gaining popularity, retailers have only just scratched the surface of using location data to better serve their customers. In-store shopping maps and customized shopping lists are a few of the possibilities that will cater to the consumer."

Additional details from the study include:

  • Smartphones are more likely to be used for social reasons, such as contacting friends and family about products, as well as searching for nearby items
  • Tablets are more likely to be used to make purchases and comparison shop
  • 46% of consumers aged 18 to 34 have shared their location, versus 22% of consumers aged 35 to 54
  • 40% of men are likely to share their location with a retailer, versus 25% of women
  • 37% of smartphone owners who shop online use their smartphone to take pictures of products
  • 34% said they send pictures of products they see to friends
  • 33% of respondents said they text/call friends/family about specific products while shopping

More than 1,500 online U.S. consumers participated in the survey in March; representative U.S. online adult-consumer demographics were sought.