A Natural Fit

OKAY Pure Naturals boasts an ever-growing operation—thanks to consumers’ increasing interest in natural beauty products and one family’s fastidious, hands-on approach.

Ali Mithavayani, founder and CEO of Miami-based Xtreme Beauty International, the maker of OKAY Pure Naturals, has been an entrepreneur for decades. He forged his start by locally distributing products as a teenager, working as a beauty salesperson from age 13 until he moved stateside to seek an education after graduating high school.

The Buying Impulse

Strategically place impulse beauty buys to give your revenue a lift!

Economist Hawkins Stern published a paper referencing what he called “suggestion impulse buying,” which gained traction among retailers in the 1950s. “Impulse buying is triggered when a shopper sees a product for the first time and visualizes a need for it,” he wrote. Human nature being what it is, Stern’s theory holds true 60 years later, and popular retail chains Sephora, Urban Outfitters and The Body Shop (among many others) populate their square footage with hip-level bins and displays filled with merchandise designed to trigger the urge to splurge.

Label Mate

Master the meanings of beauty product labels, keywords and codes.

Ever feel that reading a product label requires deciphering a secret language? All those symbols, numbers and certifications mean something, right? They absolutely do. Product codes convey key information to beauty store owners and consumers alike. The trick is to learn how to read labels by becoming familiar with what the numbers and symbols represent, positioning yourself as a beauty authority and ultimately boosting sales among increasingly label-conscious consumers.

Beautiful Form & Function

For more than 10 years, CROC has been merging design and purpose to bring revolutionary hair tools to the market.

Tae J. Park founded CROC in 2005, and in some respects, his is a story of the American dream at its best. Park is an immigrant from South Korea; he moved to the U.S. about 30 years ago, and has been

8 Tips for Managing Cash Flow

Run your business with more ease and profitability by following these simple suggestions.

The sales receipts show that you had a good month and your expenses haven’t been too out of line. In fact, the books show that you actually made a small profit in what is otherwise a slow month. However, here it is once again at the beginning of a month, and you have a negative balance in the checking account. The reason isn’t related to profits—it’s cash flow. This is the bane of the retailer. Where many beauty stores falter is that they hyperfocus on profits rather than cash flow. There is, of course, nothing wrong with profits—it’s what pays your salary.