NYU Stern Study: Customers Will Pay More for Socially Responsible Products

Sixty percent of consumers are willing to pay extra for a socially responsible product, according to the research of New York University Stern’s marketing department chair Russ Winer and Ph.D. student Stephanie Tully.

Professor Winer and Tully examined the willingness of consumers to pay for socially responsible products in their new paper: "Are People Willing to Pay More for Socially Responsible Products: A Meta-Analysis."

Booth Renters to Increasingly Drive the Salon Biz

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Booth renters are the fastest-growing segment in the salon world. So what are you—salon-industry manufacturers/marketers, distributors, chain salons, beauty store owners and managers, etc.—doing about it?

Those are my two major takeaways from a just-released, first-of-its kind, in-depth study by Professional Consultants & Resources.

Fascinating data from this 2011 Booth Rental Salon Market Study: Booth rentals already make up 35% of all U.S. salons, and in three years nearly 50% of all U.S. salons will offer some form of the booth-rental model.