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Mobile Marketing Forum Slated for New York

Global nonprofit trade association Mobile Marketing Association’s “Forum New York: The Mobile Experience” is set to take place June 11-13 at The Roosevelt Hotel. The event is positioned to educate brand marketers along with journalists, analysts and bloggers on the international mobile experience, while also providing an opportunity for networking.

Mobile Retailing 101

So what’s all the buzz about it? Here’s how you can start taking advantage of this growing and important trend.

Just when you thought you were catching up with technology by completing your website and setting up a Facebook page, mobile retailing has come along to throw you for a loop. The ability to access the Internet through our mobile phones has opened up a whole new world for retailers. The senior vice president of global ecommerce for Walmart recently said that while the previous era focused on taking the store and bringing it to the Web, the next generation is bringing the Web to the store. And the numbers are there to back up this theory.