at-home Launches Online Beauty Evaluation Tool Launches Online Beauty Evaluation Tool has debuted Beauty Advisor, an esthetician-created evaluation tool that allows customers to obtain a professional-level assessment of their skincare and beauty needs in minutes using an online questionnaire.

Do It Yourself Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Do It Yourself Brazilian Keratin Treatment

This do-it-yourself, at-home kit containing a year supply of keratin, includes purifying shampoo, after-care shampoo, a plastic cap, gloves, a tail-end comb and a diy v-comb. The formulation contains Moroccan argan oil and is formaldehyde free. Visit

Zelo Home Keratin Returns to HSN

This month, Boca Cosmetics Group's Zelo Ultimate Keratin Hair Straightening kit for home use returned to Home Shopping Network after an extremely successful year on the TV network in 2011.

DIYing Is In

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Americans will prefer to “do it themselves” in 2012—including when it comes to beauty, recently released Chase Card Services research shows.

For example, 59% of those surveyed in the What’s On Your Slate? survey from ChaseSlateSM with Blueprint plan to keep up their appearances using at-home beauty products such as nail polish or self tanners.

In comparison, 22% will make regular salon visits—and only 2% will utilize full-service salon packages.

Other notable findings include: