Seki Edge

Seki Edge Moustache Scissors

Seki Edge Moustache Scissors

The twice-tempered, stainless-steel scissors are designed to shape and trim moustache and beard hair. Sharp, serrated cutting edges catch and hold hair while cutting, enabling even coarse facial hair trimming ease. Convenient for travel, it features a comfortable finger rest and holes for ease and accuracy. Slender blades and pointed tips aid in precision. Call 888.965.2824 or visit

You’re So Smart

Seki Edge Smart Tweeze

Seki Edge introduces its Smart Tweeze tweezer with proprietary “Seki Spring” technology that transfers strength from the hands to the tip of the tweezer with a gentle squeeze. The handles are twice as thick as traditional tweezers and will not bend to pressure. Its tips meet flat against each other and it’s constructed of twice-tempered stainless steel.