Malibu C

Business: Malibu Dreams

Tom Porter and his Malibu C brand are on the cutting edge at the intersection of beauty and wellness.

Tom Porter, founder and president of Malibu Wellness and author of the book You're Not Aging, You're Just Oxidizing, has always been drawn to the latest and greatest—and he has used that pioneering spirit to grow a booming beauty business. He may have started on a dime from his guest bedroom and garage, but Malibu Wellness, with its exclusive brand Malibu C, has come a long way.

For Your Wellness

Malibu C Color Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated with a proprietary Ecocert-ingredient complex that is ripe with 100% vegan ingredients. They work to preserve hair color and moisture with essential oils and pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, organic aloe and betaine, a sugar beet-derived ingredient that protects the scalp from chemical irritation.