Kryolan Icicle Gel

For a cool, snowy-inspired look, Kryolan's thick misty Icicle Gel does the trick. A semi-transparent color that can be applied with a spatula, this gel slowly moves down until it forms realistic-looking drops and icicles. Your customers can even play with and change up the viscosity by using a blow dryer to create unique shapes. Plus, it's easily removable using warm water. Available in 100 ml and 200 ml sizes.

SRP: $29 (200 ml)

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Mehron Skeleton Character Makeup Kit

The Skeleton Character Makeup Kit (KMP-S) from Mehron comes with everything your customers need to get this look for Halloween, from the professional makeup itself to the applicators and accessories. This set includes: Step-by-Step Pictorial Instructions, Three Color Makeup Palette, Pencil Liner, Colorset Powder, Makeup Remover Cloth, Non-Latex Triangular Foam Wedge, Powder Puff and Black Hood.

SRP: $18.95

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Dare to be Different

Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay
A brand that’s as outspoken and bold as its colors, Urban Decay has been shaking up the industry for two decades.

Consumers in today’s color cosmetic-obsessed market have access to an endless array of lipsticks and eyeshadows that come in every color known to man. But such was not the case for beauty junkies of the 1990s, a time when store shelves were primarily stocked with a sea of pink, red and beige hues—that is, until the brand Urban Decay came along.

Skincare Sales Surpass Makeup

Skincare sales have outpaced makeup this year, according to second quarter 2017 prestige-beauty insights from NPD Group. For the retailer looking to capitalize on this trend, expanding its skincare offerings to include a variety of new, unique and innovative skincare options, especially from smaller brands hitting the market, will allow it to make the most of this growth.

Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer

To take your customers' glow to the next level, they'll need Rituel de Fille's Rare Light Luminizer in Solaris. This limited-edition hue inspired by celestial light radiates a soft, warm glow within translucent opal. The iridescent color changes in different lights, and looks great on a wide variety of skin tones. To get Rituel de Fille's signature "lit-from-within look," stock this highlighter made with ingredients that include jojoba seed oil, castor seed oil, lavender oil and beeswax.

SRP: $29