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Balayage Clips

Product Club's Balayage Clips come in a 15-pack with five of each color: red, silver and black. These new Balayage Clips can be used to secure the Balayage Film without weighing it down. For more information, visit

Product Club Disposable Towels

These towels are made with specially interwoven fibers that make them extremely strong and durable even when wet. They are two times more absorbent than cotton towels, lightweight and comfortable. In addition, the towels are eco-friendly, reducing the waste of water, energy and detergents. They're made from 100% biodegradable fibers that offer a smooth and luxurious experience. They save time and money, such as on water, energy and detergent costs, laundry services, as well as time spent on washing, drying and folding towels.

New, Improved ColorWhip Electric Color Mixer

Known for mixing any color or bleach to a smooth, creamy consistency in seconds, this product from Product Club offers pre-timed cycles as well as a manual mode. Its new and improved features include a mixing blade that spins 10% faster, all-metal internal moving parts that are more durable, a rubber-coated, metal-mixing paddle and a magnetic switch that automatically turns off when the mixing head is lifted off the bowl. The new ColorWhip is translucent black and includes the mixer lid, four bowls, four brushes and the A/C power supply.

Product Club Highlighting Between the Lines DVD Collection

Product Club Highlighting Between the Lines DVD Collection

This collection of three haircoloring DVDs feature two each of highlighting techniques, including: Vertex Sets for clients with curly and wavy hair; Corrugated Color, which creates a multidimensional look; Flash Forward, which allows for strong color placement; Celestial Color, a balayage technique; Color Channeling, which creates panels of color; and Back Dropping, which can be bold but also works with more subtle color. Call 800.308.3588 or visit