GraffEtch Color Pencils

GraffEtch Color Pencils Quality Pencils

Hair art has become a fun and creative trend for barbers, stylists, and artists alike to show off their skills. Adding color to the art brings the piece to life. For smooth color pencil art finish, the quality of the pencil is always a must to determine how long the color will last. Vibrant colors allow for the art to really pop and be seen from across the room. The colors are sweat and water proof so they can even be seen underwater! The silky, long lasting application will give the work of art a run for its money.

RSP 8 Pack Set: $18.50

Sparks Green Ivy Complete Color Kit

Sparks Hair Color

Standing out in a crowd is a lot easier with a head full of green hair. But don't have time to sit in a salon to get the complete treatment done? Pick up Sparks Ivy Complete Color Kit for the easiest way to apply color to your hair! Complete with Green Ivy 3oz, Powder Lightener 1.05oz, 0 vol Creme Developer 3oz, tint brush, application bowl, a pair of gloves, and a dip-dye tutorial guide, you have everything you need to dye your hair in the comfort of your home. With clean and dry hair, follow the directions on how to use the Powder Lightener to lighten hair before applying the color.

Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash Shampoo

Colorwash Shampoo

Instead of washing hair color out, how about washing some hair color in? Celeb Luxury's Viral Colorwash does just that! With every wash using this product, haircolor stays bright, bold, and brilliant. Colorwash leaves color locked in longer while waiting for that next salon touch up. Colorwash shampoo not only intensifies the color of hair, but is also gentle to already color treated hair and keeps hair healthy and hydrated. Just grab a color, use during daily hair washing routine, and color vibrancy stays in place to your desire!

WetBrush Shower Flex

Winner of the 2017 Allure Best of Beauty Award, the Shower Flex from WetBrush is best known for its head that bends and flexes for comfort while detangling wet hair. The shower hook handle for easy grip and storage in the bathroom. As well as being designed without a cushion for quick and easy air dry and won't leave your brush wet for hours. The brush is perfect for detangling hair without ruining it or causing any damage to it.

SRP: $7.99

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Manic Panic Amethyst Ashes

Celebrating their 40th year of cutting-edge beauty, Manic Panic has launched a new limited edition hair color. A color that is a slate gray with a delicate touch of violet and was named by fans of the brand, Amethyst Ashes. It is a semi-permanent Classic Cream Formula and is 100% vegan. The jar is also limited-edition and was designed by the founding editor of PUNK Magazine, John Holmstrom, that features the original boutique.

SRP: $13.99

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Splat Hair Chalk

An easy to apply hair dye that is just as easy to wash out, Splat's Hair Chalk can provide beauty shoppers what wigs can't, an easy solution. A temporary hair color that can vitalize your day without the commitment to one color for more than a day. It washes away simply with shampoo and your hair will be ready for another vibrant color. And with Halloween around the corner it will be the perfect addition to your costume. An inexpensive way to make hair styling cool and chic. The are colors such as Pink Hearts, Violet Sky, Silver Moon, Lemon Lime and many more.