Sphynx Portable Razor

An innovative, colorful and compact product that's multipurpose and easy to use, the Sphynx Portable Razor let's your customers shave on the go or easily touch-up those missed spots. Each Sphynx Portable Razor contains a refillable water spray bottle, one shea butter moisturizing pre-shave bar and two razor blades. It's ideal for taking to the beach, to work, on a trip or the gym. Just turn the dial spray water, moisturize and shave. Refill Packs are also sold for when the razors and pre-shave bar need to be swapped out.

SRP: $14.99 (each)

Kryolan Icicle Gel

For a cool, snowy-inspired look, Kryolan's thick misty Icicle Gel does the trick. A semi-transparent color that can be applied with a spatula, this gel slowly moves down until it forms realistic-looking drops and icicles. Your customers can even play with and change up the viscosity by using a blow dryer to create unique shapes. Plus, it's easily removable using warm water. Available in 100 ml and 200 ml sizes.

SRP: $29 (200 ml)

For more information, visit us.kryolan.com.

Mehron Skeleton Character Makeup Kit

The Skeleton Character Makeup Kit (KMP-S) from Mehron comes with everything your customers need to get this look for Halloween, from the professional makeup itself to the applicators and accessories. This set includes: Step-by-Step Pictorial Instructions, Three Color Makeup Palette, Pencil Liner, Colorset Powder, Makeup Remover Cloth, Non-Latex Triangular Foam Wedge, Powder Puff and Black Hood.

SRP: $18.95

For more information, visit mehron.com.

Provision Purify Deodorant

For busy business owners, taking a few seconds throughout the day to recharge and refresh yourself is as simple as misting underarms to neutralize odor using the Purify Deodorant from Provision. Combing enzymes that naturally break down odor molecules, this spray is scented with eco-certified clary sage and vetiver for a luxurious aroma. Provision's apothecary fragrances, which are crafted with precision, are made in Los Angeles, CA, and are meant to lift one's mind, body and soul.

SRP: $35

Flip-It! Deluxe Beauty Cap Kit

At busy salons, the ability to quickly empty the remaining contents of all bottles could potentially save your store thousands of dollars a year—and save your stylists' valuable time if they no longer have to fuss with funnel transfers. Simply remove a bottle's cap or pump, replace it with the Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kit and squeeze, letting gravity do the work! The caps fit most screw-top bottles—even gallon-size ones—and are washable and reusable. The Deluxe Beauty Cap Kit includes six black Flip-It!