This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

If your customers are looking to fall asleep faster, reduce anxiety before bed and awake feeling more refreshed than ever, then they need This Works' bestselling Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It uses a natural blend of lavender, vetivert and chamomile for aromatherapy at its finest.
SRP: $29, www.thisworks.com
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Olivia Garden iStyle Brush Collection

Olivia Garden is unveiling a new innovation in customized styling brushes– introducing iStyle – targeted brushes for short to medium hair lengths, bangs, and even men’s styling.

iStyle collection offers 3 different types of lightweight, scalp-hugging brushes, each with Memory Flex bristles specially crafted for your hair type of either fine, medium, and/or thick hair.

Available January 2017 at Giell.

SRP: $13.25

For more information visit: Olivia Garden.

City Lights Lockable Nail Tech Tool Case

The Lockable Nail Tech Tool Case by City Lights is both stylish and functional. Featuring a shiny, black-diamond design with black aluminum trim, the case is great for transporting nail polishes, nail art, lotion bottles, and nail solutions. The clear top compartment conveniently detaches, and features 18 holes for standard-size nail polish bottles, with removable foam inserts to accommodate smaller nail art bottles. The bottom compartment features a leather-like interior, spacious depth for storage, and removable foam insert with 6 holes, perfect for 8 oz. bottles.

Pulleez Hair Accessory

The Pulleez sliding ponytail features a patented design that securely holds hair in place and is released by simply pressing on its toggle. Glamorizing the popular ponytail look by incorporating elegant charms, such as boots, fish and Buddhas, the brand’s products are available in crystal, metal and acrylic. Pulleez is gentle on the hair, which means no more worrying about wrapping or ripping hair—all that’s needed is a squeeze, and a flawless ponytail is seconds away. It also doubles as a bracelet when not in the hair.

Selfie Mirror

This innovative product is designed for a host of uses, including use in salons and beauty retailers. It allows users to take a body-length selfie and post the pics instantly on social media, giving businesses even greater exposure. The mirror features a built-­in professional light and a high-resolution camera, and the app lets users set the number of frames and delaying time. Visit http://www.selfiemirror.me/#!business/c1a48

ROCKSTAR White Teeth Whitening Kit

One dollar of every sale of ROCKSTAR White Teeth Whitening Kit goes to Breast Cancer Research (www.circleofhopeinc.org). This brand's formulation is marketed as the highest-strength over-the-counter teeth-whitening solution. Its ingredients are all-natural, kosher and made in the USA. No animal products are used, and it is not tested on animals. Call 888.944.8313 or visit www.rockstarwhite.com.