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ORS Olive Oil Zone Relaxer

Featuring a creamy, rich formula that includes a relaxer, base and activator, the ORS Olive Oil Zone Relaxer is fortified with moisturizing olive oil to protect the hair from damage. The relaxer delivers smoother, shinier and soft-to-the-touch results that you can see. It also will allow your customers to zone in on the edges, sides or back of the head for precision without wasting product.

SRP: $3.99

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A Perfect Solution

Curly Hair Solutions EXTENZZ nonchemical curl-styling hair relaxer

Curly Hair Solutions has unveiled its EXTENZZ nonchemical, curl-styling hair relaxer that prevents curls from shrinking. It allows tight curls to unwind easily; softens wiry, coarse hair; stops frizz; dries clean without flakes or a greasy feeling; and is 100% silicone free.