Zerran International Accelerates Distribution and Strengthens Marketing Efforts

Zerran APS Resistance Protective Cream

Zerran International has announced plans to expand internationally with accelerated distribution of its Vegan Pro Beauty Products. Through Zerran Brasil, Zerran International will focus distribution efforts on Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In 2010, Brazilians spent $7.9 billion on toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics, according to Euromonitor. Zerran president and CEO Steve Sauté commented, “We see many possibilities in this alliance. Brazil is not only South America’s largest country, but an important trendsetting hub for beauty, good health and natural products.” Zerran director of distribution operations Grant Samples adds, “There is a highly receptive market for our vegan products and innovations at the international level because of our long-standing focus on health and beauty.”

To correspond with the expansion, Zerran will reveal a new marketing initiative aimed at accelerating and simplifying distribution of vegan professional haircare systems and support products. The campaign will target nine haircare categories: Volumizing, Active, Shine, Smoothing, Repair, High Styling, Advanced Professional Services, Hair Revival and California Classic. A prototype of the new shelf-ready packaging, pricing and product details was introduced at Cosmoprof North America 2012. Sauté explains, “We’ve been reviewing, repackaging and restaging our entire line. Thanks to the power of the Internet, our reputation as a well-established vegan innovator has opened many new doors. Global demand has really precipitated this move. This will help our distribution network penetrate new markets efficiently and sensibly.”

Also, Zerran launched at CPNA its APS Resistance Protective Cream, a water-soluble shield designed to protect the client's scalp and skin during chemical processes. The fragrance-free vegan product is designed to help stylists concentrate on artistic creativity.

[Image: Courtesy of Zerran International]